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This is Engineering

Royal Academy of Engineering's campaign (This is Engineering) aims to attract young people from diverse backgrounds and inspire them to start a career in engineering. Although the campaign had been ongoing for several years, the website did not align with the project's impressive goals.
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Agreed brief:

Create a design that is engaging for its young audience. Simplify the information architecture across the site, so people get to rewarding content faster.


My approach:

I aimed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the website. ‘This is Engineering’ had pre-established brand guidelines that I needed to adhere to, but I was also allowed to make some changes. I wanted to design a website that would not only captivate users but, more importantly, make them feel that the site was tailored specifically for them.

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Tasks I completed:

  • Ran a remote brand workshop using Miro, including an ERT (emotional, response, test) exercise.

  • Analysed the colour palettes and typography.

  • Improved the  brand colours, typography and style rules.

  • Ensured accessibility standards were included from the start of the design process. 

  • Collaborated with the UX Strategist to create a new IA design for content discovery.  

  • Started design from concept stage, to initial wireframes through to high-fidelity layouts.

  • Designed the layout and component design using Utopia fluid responsive design approach.

  • Presented multiple design reviews with client and product team. 

  • Proactively sought input from both the product team designers and broader Clearleft design community to gain insights to enhance my design work and expertise.

  • Collaborated with the Design Engineer/Developer to address and resolve the technical and design challenges that occurred in build. 

  • Highlighted research requirements for user testing and incorporated findings to iterate and improve the designs. 


Users reviewing the first design concepts

Project team: 
Design Engineer/Developer, Project Manager, UX Strategist, UX Researcher and client stakeholders. 


5 months


This is Engineering site went live on the planned launch date to coincide with the National Engineering Day on 1st November. You can explore the site here and also read more about what my team did in Clearleft's case study

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