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The National Institute of Teaching

The National Institute of Teaching (NIoT) is a new association. It’s a school-led organisation, set up to benefit children and young people by continuing to drive up teaching quality. They needed a website that allowed prospective and current teachers and leaders to discover and sign up for the programmes on offer.
NIoT Hero.png

Agreed brief:

Work on two parallel streams of work, to create:

  • a flexible, future-friendly brand identity that can adapt to future scenarios

  • a website that enables teacher training and recruitment.

NIoT logo design.png

Design thinking behind the logo

My approach:

I worked with NIoT to develop their new brand. The new brand identity had to embody inclusivity, trustworthiness, and credibility. The logo and colour palette were required to strike a balance between traditional and contemporary aesthetics.

My approach included running a brand workshop with 7 stakeholders, all with strong opinions of how the brand should look. I conducted regular design reviews with all senior stakeholders, to keep them frequently up to date. This made sure that everyone had an opportunity to input, enabling agile adjustments and streamlining the project timeline.

The branding not only had to work in the digital space but also print and signage in buildings. The overarching goal was to create a logo that could evolve with the organisation, delivering a brand identity that will serve them well into the future.

NIOT style.png

Tasks I completed:

  • Ran a brand discovery workshop using Miro, including an ERT (emotional, response, test), Golden Circle and gut test exercises. To understand the brand's values, mission, target audience, and competitive landscape.

  • Progressed design concepts from initial wireframes to high-fidelity design layouts.

  • Created component and layout designs using Utopia fluid responsive design approach.

  • Presented multiple design reviews with the client, product team and senior stakeholder.

  • Proactively sought input from both the product team designers and the broader Clearleft design community to gain insights to enhance my design work and expertise.

  • Collaborated with the Developer to address and resolve the technical challenges that occurred in build.

  • Delivered brand guidelines and branding assets. 

Logo future proofing.png

Ensuring the logo is future-proof, demonstrating its adaptability as the organisation grows


Developer, Project Manager, UX Strategist and stakeholders. 



8 weeks


You can explore the live site here and also read more about what my team did in Clearleft's case study

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