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Ingenia publishes stimulating and informative articles about all aspects of engineering and technology. It contributes to the Royal Academy of Engineering's goal of showing how engineering makes a difference and helps to shape the future. The website faced challenges in showcasing its exceptional content. It also failed to engage its intended audience of young adults to inspire them towards careers in engineering.
Ingenia hero.png

Agreed brief:

Develop a website that places content as the focal point, guaranteeing that the reading experience is not only enjoyable but also engaging for its target audience.

Remote workshop

Running a remote workshop

My approach:

My goal was to enhance the visual aesthetics and create a website that would captivate users and make them feel that the site was relevant for their needs.

Ingenia’s look needed a comprehensive overhaul, with the sole exception being the retention of their logo.

I thought about accessibility from the start of the design process. This included making sure:

  • the colour contrast met at least AA WCAG

  • focus states were designed for keyboard navigation

  • I gave Alt text guidance

  • I selected  typefaces

  • that the CSS styling updates made content  legible for all users.

Layout design Ingenia.png

Tasks I completed:

  • Ran a remote brand discovery workshop using Miro, including an ERT (emotional, response, test) exercise, to understand the brand's values, personality and target user.

  • Conducted desk research to analyse the colour palettes and typography used in the digital products utilised by the target user.

  • Stayed informed about design trends by attending a webinar to help better understand the target user. Then I adapted the brand's visual identity to remain relevant and appealing.  

  • Defined and created the website's new colour palette to reflect the brand's values and personality.

  • Identified and implemented appropriate typefaces that complemented the brand's identity and enhanced readability.

  • Created a visual language that is striking and that stood out, making a strong and lasting connection with its audience.

  • Created component and high-fidelity layout designs using Utopia fluid responsive design approach.

  • Incorporated feedback from stakeholders, clients, and users to refine and improve the visual elements of the brand. 

  • Collaborated with the Design Engineer/Developer to address and resolve the technical challenges that occurred in the build.

Styles Ingenia.png

Style guide displaying colour palette with tints and shades, contrast check, fluid type scale for minimum viewport and fluid space system 


Design Engineer, Project Manager, UX Strategist and stakeholders. 



4 months


You can explore the live Ingenia site here

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