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Lealta US health app

Lealta is a US start-up in the medical sector. They connect users to a large number of health professionals, giving them control over who and where they can get medical appointments and reducing appointment waiting times.
A range of design layouts showing content

Agreed brief:

Using a mobile-first approach, design a platform that users can search and book medical appointments through. Create a journey that is straightforward to follow for minimum viable product (MVP) release.

Layout of the user journey

User journey starting from signing in to finding information about a doctor

My approach:

I aimed to create a seamless and enjoyable experience for users. I kept scalability in mind, ensuring that the product was able to adapt to future needs without compromising performance. I focused on delivering the MVP with only the essential features included. I worked collaboratively with stakeholders and the engineering team to find creative solutions as the product evolved. 

Layout of the wrieframes

Wireframing of a user journey later turned into a low-fi prototype

Tasks I completed:

  • Shaped the user experience and overall design of the product. 

  • Rapidly learnt about the US health system to better understand the product. 

    Conducted regular interviews with the stakeholders and project manager to gather insights into the business objectives and user requirements.

    Engaged stakeholders at critical junctures of the design process to ensure their viewpoints were acknowledged and addressed.

  • Iterated quickly and gathered feedback from the product team and stakeholders to finalise the design before moving into full development.

  • Ensured alignment between design decisions and business goals with open and regular communication with myself and key stakeholders. 

  • Designed the brand's visual identity, including the colour palette, typography, and logo. I created a unique brand look and feel for the product.

  • Crafted the holistic user experience, encompassing the product's flow, information architecture, and usability.

  • Worked closely with the product manager, to ensure that my design decisions aligned with overall business goals and technical constraints.

    Remained flexible and adaptive to changes when stakeholder priorities changed, pivoting on design flows when needed.

    Set realistic expectations regarding timelines and deliverables, and any possible design constraints.

Layout of teh home screen

Homescreen visuals


Developers, Project Manager and stakeholders. 



4 weeks of design input.

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